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ventriculostomy, ventriculoperitoneal shunt, EVD, external ventricular drain


21st century solution to 1880s technology... COMPARE PHASOR ANTI-PLUNGING PROTECTION to existing drill stops in the ICU (or even a perforator in the O.R. for VP shunts).  We make every common size requested -- utilized with Raumedic (TM), Hemedex (TM), Camino (TM), and more...

stereo electroencephalography, SEEG, EEG, electrodes, depth electrodes


Perform SEEG or other procedures (like selective laser ablation) using a lightweight (a fraction of the weight of heavier orthopedic drills) but powerful (tested for up to 25 holes for these sizes)... a drill made for Neurosurgery.

brain biopsy, stereotactic biopsy, brain tumor, image guided, navigation, LITT, Visualase, Monteris,


A precisely drilled hole targets the desired trajectory.  Available in 2.4-mm, 2.7-mm, and 3.2-mm diameter LONG drill sizes, Phasor Drills have been successfully used with Medtronic Vertek (TM), Brainlab Varioguide (TM), ROSA (TM), and other frameless, or even Leksell (TM) or CRW (TM) frame-based systems.

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