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IT'S ABOUT SAFETY... AND IT'S ABOUT TIME.  Safety features geared for neurosurgical users with varying levels of expertise -- now tested to 50 POUNDS weight without plunging... Call us after watching the video above, to use Phasor at your hospital.

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Disposable POWER DRILL with an ANTI-PLUNGE DRILL STOP for Safety.

An ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT with many "nice-to-have" items.

Affordably priced.

FDA-cleared, already in use at major U.S. hospitals nationwide.  Now also CE-marked, growing into Europe, the Middle East, and beyond... 

hand-crank drill vs. electric power battery-operated drill
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Phasor's journey began about 7 years ago, perfecting the power and drill bit design to achieve optimal drilling (just the right amount of power, design, and reliability) for safety features like tactile feel at the inner table, depth stop, auditory and visual cues, and precise reproducibility with efficiency.

As the only widespread disposable power drill option in the market for EVDs, many neurosurgical programs (academic and private) have already switched or are in the process of immediately switching to the "upgraded" Phasor drills and kits... here are a few testimonials:

"Like all the best tools, Phasor is elegant and efficient." -- unbiased user: Chair of Neurosurgery at a major academic institution, after initial uses of 6.35-mm for VP shunt and 3.20-mm for 14+ holes for SEEG

"Awesome... it's about time someone created this, it's long, long overdue..." -- multiple residents and attending neurosurgeons at CNS Annual Meeting, 2018

"Feels great in my hand... lightweight and powerful." -- AANS Annual Meeting Private Practice Attending, 2019

"At this low a price, it's a no-brainer, a much-needed upgrade." -- Chief of Neurosurgery, County Hospital

"I simply like it because it's a great product." -- Chairman, Multi-Hospital Health System in upper Midwest

"It's great, but my real criticism for you is: why didn't you come to our program before all the others?" -- past winner, Top Gun Resident Competition

* Note: Each of the comments above are unsolicited, from unbiased users reacting to the Phasor Drill based upon own experience.

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Options Recommended for Optimal Experiences...

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Brain tractography ventriculostomy cranial access kit


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